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Civilizational dialogue – Great Powers and the Portuguese Role in a changing world

by David Garrido e Cunha Civilization is based on a concept of intellectual and cultural significance that we can date from classical antiquity. When we speak of Civilization, we immediately oppose it to the concept of barbaric or uncivilized – a term that designated in the western world, all those who, in the first instance … Continue reading

Five Influential Cultural and Social Trends from Rising Powers

Great post, pressed from: The Kula Ring Five Influential Cultural and Social Trends from Rising Powers.

South Africa adds renewables into coal-heavy energy mix

by Jocelyn Newmarch JOHANNESBURG (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – South Africans have traditionally relied upon their plentiful coal reserves to supply over 90 percent of their electricity needs. Only in the past decade has national energy policy taken note of abundant wind and solar resources. Economic growth in the past two decades has outstripped electricity capacity, … Continue reading

Russian anti-pollution activist pays high price

By Will Englund, PERVOURALSK, Russia — After three men in this heavily polluted city beat Stepan Chernogubov unconscious, fracturing his skull and knocking out three teeth, criminal investigators took him, still bleeding, to a police station, where they questioned him for four hours and then threatened to bring charges against him. Chernogubov had been set … Continue reading

After killer floods, monsoons threaten other parts of India

by Nita Bhalla NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – As India struggles to recover from devastating floods in the northern state of Uttarakhand, other areas of the country are at risk as heavy monsoon rains inundate already burgeoning rivers, prompting authorities to evacuate tens of thousands of people, aid workers and government officials said. Floods, … Continue reading

Matchmaking medical research

LONDON, 5 July 2013 (IRIN) – Are you a global research consortium looking for sites to test treatments for neglected tropical diseases? Or a major biotech company interested in performing clinical trials on potential tuberculosis vaccines? Or a doctor in a remote part of Africa or South Asia keen to play a role in the … Continue reading

Brazil and Turkey’s Ripple Effect

by Jonathan Lima Matthews on June 30, 2013 Over the past four weeks Brazilians and Turks have been holding mass protests against their respective governments, albeit for very different reasons. Despite the catalyst for these protests being very local issues, they have gotten senior government officials from around the European Union concerned. I was in … Continue reading

Corruption crusaders turn politicians

By Rama Lakshmi,  NEW DELHI — They wore little white caps, called themselves “the common man,” fasted for days and shouted angry slogans against politicians during massive anti-corruption demonstrations two years ago.  Now, many of those activists are getting ready to roll up their sleeves and dive into what they have vilified as the cesspool … Continue reading

‘The Giant has awoken’

Brazil unrest: Protesters ‘subvert’ advertising slogans By Camilla Costa – BBC Brasil, São Paulo During the wave of protests continuing to sweep Brazil, two slogans have stood out for having made their way from TV and social networking sites onto the streets. “Vem pra rua” (Come to the streets) and “O gigante acordou” (The giant … Continue reading