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Germany, the Euro and the Euro Crisis

by Thiess Petersen   In a recent article, Alexander Reisenbichler and Kimberly J. Morgen argue that ‘Germany won the Euro Crisis’[i]. I doubt that any country can be the winner of a major economic crisis, especially if we are talking about an exporting nation. Of course Germany does benefit from some economic developments of the … Continue reading

Spain seeks to charge for on-site renewables

By BusinessGreen staff Wind and solar power companies warn unprecedented changes will have a profound impact on health of the industry Spain’s renewable energy industry has hit out against government energy market reforms that could force homeowners to pay for the right to generate renewable energy. The Spanish government unveiled a draft bill last month … Continue reading

Religion in the EU : How Many Divisions ?

By François Foret Sociologists present Europe as “an exceptional case” to the extent that religious beliefs and practices have declined there more than in any other part of the world. It does not mean that religion is disappearing. On the contrary, it is becoming more visible in the political and public arenas, in new, individualised … Continue reading

Civilizational dialogue – Great Powers and the Portuguese Role in a changing world

by David Garrido e Cunha Civilization is based on a concept of intellectual and cultural significance that we can date from classical antiquity. When we speak of Civilization, we immediately oppose it to the concept of barbaric or uncivilized – a term that designated in the western world, all those who, in the first instance … Continue reading

UK takes first step to join extractive transparency initiative

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The United Kingdom has begun the process of becoming a member of a global initiative which aims to bring greater transparency and accountability to the oil, gas and mining sector. While the UK is generally considered neither resource-rich nor especially corrupt, the British government has taken the lead in pushing … Continue reading

Who are the Bulgarian protesters?

by Maria Spirova* According to CIA’s official statistics, Bulgaria’s death rate is the 8th highest in the world. Afghanistan, war-torn for decades, is seventh. Somalia is ninth. The countries in top 7 have gone through sustained armed conflict, famine, genocide, apartheid and a nuclear disaster. Bulgarian went through 23 years of democratic transition. The above … Continue reading

European regulator preparing database on bankers

By Laura Noonan   LONDON, July 7 (Reuters) – The European Union will soon begin sharing information on how bankers fare in ‘fitness and probity’ tests in member states, making it harder for errant bankers to evade regulatory scrutiny by crossing national borders. The European Banking Authority’s regulation director Isabel Vaillant told Reuters that work … Continue reading

Portuguese migrants seek opportunities in Mozambique

MAPUTO, 2 July 2013 (IRIN) – The financial crisis in Europe has brought the largest influx of Portuguese migrants to Mozambique since colonial times. While many Mozambicans fear they will face increased competition for scarce jobs, the new wave of migrants is also creating employment opportunities. Goncalo Teles Gomes, the Portuguese consul in Maputo, the … Continue reading

France’s Hollande praises Tunisia as ‘model’ for region

French President Francois Hollande has called Tunisia “a model in the region” and pledged 500m euros ($640m; £430m) to support its democratic transition. Events in Tunisia showed Islam and democracy were compatible, he said. He was speaking in the capital Tunis at the end of a two-day visit – the first by a French head … Continue reading

US-EU Trade Deal: Rosy Picture, but Long Road Ahead

By Arjun Kharpal   U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron has billed it as potentially the “biggest bilateral trade deal in history”, but the U.S.-EU trade talks have suddenly entered tricky waters. Recent claims that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) bugged EU offices and hacked into its computer network have complicated the first round of … Continue reading